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Made me miss being a student.

It’s been 4 years and x number of years since I graduated from college. Wow, time flies really fast.

Last February 25-28, I attended a training. It was not that related to my work and is not a requirement. It’s just a plus so I can better understand the process of our client. Though, there’s still one more training I think I need to attend since not all topics were covered here yet. Anyway, during this 4 day training, there are moment that I remember when I was still a student and made me miss being one. A day before, I don’t know what to feel. Felt nervous because I don’t know if I will be awake by 6:30am, how to commute going there, if I would be able to make friends or even acquaintances, if I would be able to understood the lessons and most importantly, if I can pass the exam.

Fortunately, I was able to accomplish all those. I was able to woke up at the right time, (thanks to Kuya Marvin for calling me for the first two days. Haha). I knew how to commute in cheaper price but needed more energy/strength as I need to walk from my place to Ortigas MRT,  have to have pushing strength in the MRT, take a jeepney which always is a  long line and walk a little more. But on my first day, I was  able to get there via taxi. It is expensive! I paid P200.00 from Ortigas, near Galleria until there in HV dela Costa. (And for the way back to Ortigas, thanks to Iza for being my kauwian mate!) We rode in jeepney then MRT.  Then, I have lunchmates except for the first day. Our third day lunch was an adventure. We were late because it took forever for the Chowking to deliver the second order. Anyway, so we had to do brisk walking and use stairs. And when we arrived, Pau and I were both running out of breath. Haha. Parang college lang! Pau is my seatmate. And on our last day, we took some pictures.

And for the exam, I have no idea yet on the overall. But for the written, I was proud and disappointed at the same time. I only have one mistake and considering that that item was not really that hard. Urgh! I hate it every time I remember it. Anyway, I’m still hoping for the best. Haha!

Overall, it was a good experience. I’m looking forward for the part 2, if I would still be given a chance. 🙂

Serious shot.

Serious shot.

And the wacky shot!

7 stops: Binondo Walkathon and Food Trip

One Saturday night, I was craving for Chinese food so I texted Angelique and so, we planned to go to Binondo the next day. Yey!

Our first stop. Walk in Ongpin Street. And when we’re almost at the end, we stopped by at 7-11 to buy drinks and check out where we could eat (we are not prepared!Haha)

When we already knew where we will go and eat, we walked again and stopped by at a small store where they sell fried siopao and some other Chinese foods. We got curious on how fried siopao would taste. Our second stop. We waited in line for I think 10 minutes as they are still cooking/frying it. It only costs 17 pesos each.  When we got it, it’s still hot so we were not able to eat it immediately. We walked first going to Lucky Chinatown Mall. Yes, we love walking! In the middle of our walk, that’s when Lique tried the fried siopao and so did I. We were not able to take picture and we also don’t know what’s inside but I’ve already tasted something like that before. I’m not a good blogger, I should’ve asked the Kuya while we are in line. Hahaha. Next time, I’ll ask what’s inside and I’ll blog it again! wink

Our 3rd until 5th stops are just malls: Lucky Chinatown Mall, 11/88 Mall and 168 as Lique is looking for something. Shopping? grin

6th stop: Lan Zhou La Mien. My friend, Ate Myra, suggested this as their noodles are good. Indeed, it was good and the serving is large for it’s price. Beef Lamien and Spareribs Lamien are ₱ 120.00 each only. I could say that it’s worth it.  I also saw one of their guys making noodles. We were not able to finish it and so we still have a take out. They are also giving free hot tea!Lan Zhou La Mien

These costs us ₱ 240.00.La Mien receipt*I think the boy server has crush on Lique. Check out the receipt.wink

Then, we walked going to Wai Ying… to eat again! We walked since it’s just near and to burn some noodles that we ate. Haha! While walking, I asked Lique if she can still eat and she said, there’s still a little space. Check out what we ordered below and you’ll know what she meant by “little” space. Hahaha!

Our 7th and last stop: Wai Ying Fastfood.

Wai Ying

Our orders: siomai, hakaw, chicken feet, buchi and 2 cold HK Milk Tea.

wai ying

Liq in Wai Ying

Yes, that’s what Lique meant by “little” space. Hahaha! Their cold HK Milk Tea is so good, we even ordered another 2, one for me and one for Lique, for take out and it only costs 55 pesos each. I like it better than some of those in the Milk Tea houses.

HK Milk Tea Cold

And that’s it! My first ever Binondo walkathon and food trip. Cravings for Chinese food = check.

Subic 2011

November 2011, my mom, uncle John and I went to Subic to relax and visit the place. It was a 2 hour drive. From Manila, we passed by at North Luzon Expressway, Subic Clark Tarlac Expressway and  Subic-Tipo Expressway. The scenery on the way was also  beautiful. But there are also lots of toll that we passed by.

Our first stop is to look for a hotel since we did not do any reservation. We went to various hotels and almost all are fully booked. We decided to go first to Ocean Adventure. Upon getting there, we went to Camayan Beach Resort first. My mom asked if there are free rooms and they said that they don’t have. She even asked few times but when uncle John was the one who asked if they have, the receptionist said that there’s one room free. Tsk. I got irritated. They only found  a free room because he was American? If only there are other free hotels, we will go there but since its already late in the afternoon and we still wanted to go to Ocean Adventure, so we just stayed there. We went to our room but they did not assist us so we have to look for it. We asked to a staff where it is and then, that the only time, someone from the resort assisted us. After leaving our things in the room and fixing ourselves,we went to check the beach.

Subic beach

Then went to Ocean Adventure. We watched the Dolphin Friends Show. We were amazed and it was fun watching them. Refreshing. After than, it was The Adventures of Olangapo Boys (Basurero Boys). We did not finish the show. We just roamed around, took pictures and went to the Ocean Adventures Aquarium. Then, we watched the Sea Lion Marine Patrol Show.

ocean adventureAfter that, we went to the beach and swim.

For dinner, we did not find any food we like in the restaurant of the resort so we planned to go to the town proper to look for a place but on they way, we found a restaurant. At first, I thought its closed because the doors are not open and the surroundings are  dark. But then, I realized it was a bunker that’s why the aura is like that. A bunker is a defensive military fortification designed to protect the inhabitants from falling bombs or other attacks. The name of the restaurant is Bunker Bob’s. The food was delicious and the look and feel is just like a bunker. It was really nice. Before leaving, my mom and I were able to see Carlo Aquino and other artists but I can not remember. 😛 Carlo even open the door for me. Hehe. bunker bob's

Upon returning in the hotel, my mom and I roam around the hotel. Since there are shooting of Eat Bulaga, we were able to see some other artist like Vic Sotto, Wally, etc.

In the morning, it was raining but we still chose to swim but not that much. When the rain stopped, we left the hotel and went to Zoobic Safari. It was fun especially the tiger part. We are able to look at them closely. We even fed a chicken for them. The only part that was not fun is waiting for the transportation going to different parts because we waited long. There’s a part where we waited for almost 30 minutes.

It was another fun adventure. Looking forward for more adventures, out of town/country with my mom and uncle John. ❤

Two years ago and now…

Applying and Interviews? Been there. Done that.

Two years ago, I applied in different companies and had several interviews. It was challenging because I do not know what was in store for me. Will I get in? Will they like me? Will I like my job? So many questions. Luckily, I found a job that I really like.

And after two years, I was already doing interviews! It just feels different and even I am now the interviewer, it is still challenging because you have to choose the right person for the position. There are lots of factor to consider. I take this as part of growing up and being more decisive, which is one of the characteristics I have to improve.

Project Assistant

Two years ago, I was the one applying for Project Assistant. But now, we have an opening for that position. 😀

Upon seeing the job post, it brings back the memory when I applied, had interviews with the Project Manager and one of the boss and wished for that position.

And now, I know there are still lots of room for improvement.  Who knows, someday, someone will be proud of me. 😛

Hello again, Project Officer!

May 9, 2011… my return. 😉

A few weeks before that, I realized what I really want. Someone close to me already told me that where I am before is where I really belong but sadly, I didn’t listen and here I am now, proving that he is right and should have listen to him. It’s the Project Management path. In my last last blog, I bid goodbye to Emerson because programming is not really for me.

Back in college, I already dreamed of becoming a Project Manager and it is because of Computer Business Association. I love handling projects, facing the challenges that can be brought up and making it successful despite of hindrances. Thank you i4 Asia for accepting me again and helping me fulfill my dream. 🙂

Standing Proud as a Project Officer of i4 Asia.

i4 Asia’s 2011 Outing

Luckily, I was invited to attend this annual summer outing of i4 Asia. My first day is May 9 but this outing was May 6 to 7. Yippee! 😀  A week or two weeks before that, I wished they’ll invite me. hahaha. and Wednesday before the outing, Sir Drew texted me. I was happy, of course!

It was in Punto Miguel, Lian, Batangas.

Punto Miguel, White Sands

Actually, what we saw in the internet is not what we expected. We’re a little bit disappointed but we just enjoyed our stay. Good thing the admin and the people there are friendly and very accommodating. They are approachable and you need not to look for them. They are just walking around making sure their guests are okay.

They do not have a restaurant or canteen. We arrived there at almost 1pm I think. And we ate our lunch at Kabayan Beach Resort but one of the Punto Miguel people assist us going there.

Lunch at Kabayan Beach Resort

The beach is kinda clean but very salty and not that clear. We can’t take pictures under water..hahaha


They also played volleyball while me and my bestfriend, Kuya Marvin, walked around and ate halohalo at Kabayan.

volleyball and sunset

We brought food. We just cooked food for that night. Actually not me. Some of us. hahaha. Then, after dinner, its drinking session! But Kuya Marvin and I do not drink so we walked and stayed near the beach.

at night

The place is also safe. We lost our keys, so me, Ate Angela  and Ate My slept with the door not locked because the others are still outside yet nothing bad happened to us. 🙂

The next day, I woke up early. Kuya Marvin and I walked in the beach sand then we had our morning coffee at Kabayan. Then, Jed came. When we return to the cabana, its girls turn to cook and so we did. We had our breakfast. Then we prepare and freshen up. Its time to come back to Manila. 😦 But before that, group picture first! 😀


It was a fun outing. Until next year! 😉

Photo Credits: Sir Sel and Sir Andrew